New Batch of Swiss Ammunition Pouches for Your Bespoke Watch Strap Pleasure!

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Vintage Swiss Ammunition Pouches for custom watch straps:

Hi strap lovers, I have unexpectedly been able to secure a new batch of Swiss Army Ammunition pouches (mostly from the 1960s) from my Swiss supplier.  This was an unexpected event given that he had previously told me that he was out of these and would be no longer able to provide any more of these going forward.  However, after contacting him after several months to see if the situation had changed, he informed me that having secured a small collection, he would be able to supply me these you see below.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a link to a slideshow of some of the hundreds of wonder straps I have made from Swiss Ammo pouches over the years: Dangerous9straps Swiss Ammo straps.  And for Bell & Ross Watches.

These pouches include a couple that I was able to purchase online from other sellers, but these vintage pouches seem to be getting much thinner on the ground and honestly I’m not sure that will be able to keep a steady supply in future, so if you’ve been thinking of ordering a Swiss Ammo strap and have been holding off for whatever reason, now would be a good time to move.

1960s Swiss Ammo pouches: 
Pre-1960s Ammo Pouches!

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