Brent’s Panerai PAM672 on Swiss Ammo strap with Emerald Eagle Cabochons


Hi strap lovers, I am happy to share some photos from my long-time customer Brent of his beautiful hand engraved Panerai PAM672 paired with his newly arrived 1941 Swiss Ammo strap.  What makes this strap very special is that I was designed specifically be mounted with these stunning eagle head cabochons which were hand-carved from genuine emeralds.  Set by a jewelry arts friend of Brands with Chicago screw backings, which will allow for them to be easily removed and replaced by simple solid milled stainless steel Chicago screw rivets (which I have provided) if the need arises.  This strap has been hand saddle stitched with our Vintage Ecru French Milled Linen thread.  This thread is specially dyed by myself to match the vintage colored lume and dial print used by Panerai on this PAM672 and many of their other recently released model watches.

However, one suspects that now these stunning Emerald eagles have been installed in the strap, one would not wish them to be removed:

3 thoughts on “Brent’s Panerai PAM672 on Swiss Ammo strap with Emerald Eagle Cabochons”

  1. Wow. I’m not one much for fame, but I cannot ever thank you enough for the relationship weve developed and the different things you are willing to try on my behalf. It seems for the most part we have the same design ideas, except when I loose my mind from time to time. The eagles being one. Your amazing. Sorry for the bright yellow shorts. I was in the car and couldnt wait to get pics to you. Never expected them to end up being important picutres.

    Love Love Love all you do.


    1. Brent,
      It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with you. Your eye for design and willingness to really stretch my normally somewhat conservative esthetic makes our working together a real joy. Thanks also for these great photos. I think the emeralds look amazing in these photos!

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