Straps made from Bullfrog and Cane Toad

Watch Straps made from Bullfrog and Cane Toad:

PAM288 on Saddle Tan Cane Toad with Black Tips
PAM288 on Saddle Tan Cane Toad Strap with Black Tips

Bullfrog and Cane Toads are excellent materials for watch straps.  Cane Toad is especially good because these are from Australia where they had been introduced in the early half of the 20th century (in a misguided attempt at pest control) and where they have since become an invasive species and are doing great damage to much local flora and fauna in Australia.  Controlling their numbers has become a critical necessity for the environmental preservation of the Australian continent.  So if you are looking for an exotic leather with which you can be more than just guilt-free, but will actually be helping the environment, Cane Toad is that leather.  Luckily enough for us, that these hides are the perfect size for making watch straps!

Saddle Tan with Black Tips Cane Toad on Speak Marin

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