1965 Swiss Ammo strap with Padding at the lugs for BR01 Adds and Extra Dimension

Hi strap lovers, here is a strap that I have recently completed for a customer’s BR01 and I think it turned out really great.  Of course, I have been building custom Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross watches since the very early days of Dangerous9straps,  and have been recently adding such options as Padding at the lugs to our Swiss Ammo straps for Rolex and Panerai, but this is the first time I have built padding into a Swiss Ammo strap for Bell & Ross BR01.  As the title of this post suggests, the addition of padding really does add a whole new dimension to these Swiss Ammo straps kicking the strap up a notch in look and offering a great new way to customize your Bell & Ross strap.  It my knowledge, I’m the only strap maker that offers padding on Swiss Ammo straps as an option (although I may be wrong).  Certainly this is the only strap I’ve seen with this upgrade for Bell & Ross style straps.  Hand saddle stitched with thick Heather linen thread and built with a matching ‘D9‘ sling clip key fob I think this strap is a real looker.

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