New Addition to Our Alligator Offerings from Premium Alligator Supplier France Croco

Hi Strap lovers, Digging through my Alligator Hides, I came upon one that had been shipped to me last year from our premium Alligator supplier France Croco that I had neglected to make any of my customers aware of either via a blog post or by adding it to my France Croco Alligators slideshow!  This oversight creates a bit of an opportunity for my customer to get a fresh crack this one-of-a-kind hide for their custom strap project.

So color is called ‘Vin du Vieux-Port’ (old port wine), and this is an apt description, as it really is the color of old port wine (Just about a perfect mix of Brown and Burgundy).  This hide is not so large, so I’ll be lucky, to get 8-10 straps from it – this making it very exclusive.  If you’ve been looking for a unique color for your custom strap project:

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